Prenatal Care

We believe a woman’s body was designed by a Genius. Her body is intended to give birth in a normal and natural way. This is enhanced through education, support and mutual decision making. We encourage women to actively participate in all aspects of their prenatal care. Moreover, we promote the husband’s committed involvement in each visit, as well. Your children are also welcome to join us. It’s important for them to see us interacting and touching mommy so they become comfortable with us and with our procedures.

Child listening

We have designed our care to offer a good amount of time and personal attention to our mothers. Throughout the course of your pregnancy, we schedule one-hour visits so that we have time to discuss any concerns or questions you may have, address nutritional and physical needs, and develop a solid relationship. We will see you once a month until your 36th week visit. This prenatal visit is conducted at your home and is the first time we come to your home. Thereafter, we will continue to see you at our office every 2 weeks until delivery or more often when necessary.

The most important facet of your prenatal care, however, is what YOU are doing to keep yourself and your baby healthy. Exercise, healthy food choices, healthy relationships, and quality vitamin/mineral supplements are important things that only you can control, but they are vital in assuring the health and safety of you and your baby throughout your pregnancy and during delivery.

Childbirth Education is also essential. One must know what’s going on in order to make informed choices, take responsibility and do the things that substantiate the best outcome. We steadfastly advise taking classes that are geared toward natural birth. We feel so strongly about this that classes are mandatory for first time parents. Classes should include:

  • Prenatal Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Your Rights
  • Your Options
  • Your Responsibilities
  • Stages of Labor
  • Warning Signs
  • Interventions
  • Relaxation & Comfort Measures
  • Eliminating Fear
  • Minimizing Pain
  • Creating a Birth Plan
  • Breastfeeding
  • Choosing a Pediatrician

Your first trimester is the best time to begin classes. Getting knowledge about nutrition and exercise and putting it into practice right away results in optimal birth outcomes. Then, attending specific classes later in the pregnancy for the details concerning labor and delivery is the ideal timetable.  Please go to Links for area CB Educators we recommend.

Concerning nutrition and why we place so much focus and emphasis on it: Why does it matter what you eat during your pregnancy? Would you feed your newborn Cheetos and a can of soda? Probably not.  Their bodies are just not made to handle junk food, and really….whose is? We have studied the work of Dr. Tom Brewer and stand behind the amazing health benefits he reported when his clients ate a well rounded, nutrient-dense diet. He found that many of the metabolic disorders of pregnancy are directly impacted by diet. Your goal is to eat 80-100 grams of protein a day, in addition to many beautiful, richly colored vegetables and fruits. This ensures a rich mix of vital nutrients that will help to build a healthy baby and a healthy momma.

In order to meet this directive we give you a handbook with a helpful check-list and many exciting meal ideas to help keep your menu interesting and nourishing.  You can learn more about Dr. Brewer at, or in his book Brewer Medical Diet for Normal and High-Risk Pregnancy: A Leading Obstetrician’s Guide to Every Stage of Pregnancy by Gail Sforza Brewer and Thomas Brewer, M.D.  or   What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know by Gail Sforza Brewer with Tom Brewer, M.D.

Our main role is to guide you throughout your pregnancy and help you to stay on the right path. When things start veering off that path we direct you on how to get back on track. Our objectives are one and the same – to have a safe birth with a healthy momma and babe.